EOU Testing Center Request Form

  • Prior to requesting the investigation of a proctor candidate, please contact the Testing Center (testing@eou.edu) with the zip code for the area you are needing a proctor for and they will send you a list of qualified, listed proctors.

  • Proctors Must Hold One of the Following Positions: Proctor of a college or professional testing center:
    (ie, BMCC Testing Center, Sylvania Testing Center, Civil Service examiner, etc.)
  • Professor of a college or university.

  • Librarian (city, county, school district, etc.).

  • Proctors must be currently employed by their respective organization and their name published on the webpage of the organization.

  • Armed Forces education officer (soldiers deployed without access to an education officer should contact testing@eou.edu for alternate arrangements).

  • The proctor may NOT be a friend, relative, coworker or supervisor of the student.

  • Teachers or Principals of Public Schools (K-12).
Student Information
Your EOU Student ID Number is NOT your Social Security Number and should begin with a 910- prefix. 
You can check on Webster for your Student ID Number.
Proctor Information

Course Information
E-mail Guidelines

All submitted proctor email addresses must be from their respective organizations. No information will be sent to a personal email address at Hotmail, Yahoo, G-Mail, or other such sites (the only exceptions are made for currently deployed Armed Forces personal and institutions that do not have access to their own domain).